About Us

St. Marguerite Catholic School is a kindergarten through grade four community of learners loved by God and called to live the Gospel.  With Jesus as our teacher, we learn to use our gifts to love and serve our world.

We are a part of Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division which serves students in eleven schools across five communities.  Boundaries for the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain areas can be found by clicking HERE.  

St. Marguerite is located at 395 Grove Drive in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  Our office hours are 8:30-3:45, and we can be reached via email or calling 780-962-8787.

Educational practices that are flexible and responsive to the strengths and needs of individual students can create learning experiences that ensure all students are reaching their potential.  St. Marguerite Catholic School offers various programs and opportunities for students to increase academic knowledge and strengthen skills in both core and elective courses.


Learning Commons 

 Our Learning Commons is a collaborative space in our school where students do their weekly book exchange and work on curricular outcomes.  As stated in the Alberta Education Learning Commons policy:

A learning commons is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centred, physical and/or virtual space for collaboration, inquiry, imagination and play to expand and deepen learning.


A learning commons is an agile and responsive learning and teaching environment available to individuals and groups to use for multiple, often simultaneous, purposes.  It supports literacy, numeracy, competency development and student learning outcomes through access to and instruction in the effective use of print and digital resources.



Educational practices that are flexible and responsive to the strengths and needs of individual students can create inclusive learning experiences that ensure all students are reaching their potential.  St. Marguerite is proud to offer various programs and opportunities for children to be successful:

  • One-to-One Chromebooks for grade four students
  • French as a Second Language beginning in grade four
  • Student in grade one to four have 2 fifty minutes blocks of music instruction per week
  • Tutorial Blocks for support and extension of student learning
  • Out of School and In School field trips to support curricular outcomes


St. Marguerite offers a 475 hour Kindergarten program for students who are five years of age before December 31 of the current school year.  Our program is a full day program in which students attend alternating days ( Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) and scheduled Fridays.  

The program is designed to be a development of early literacy, numeracy and social skills and includes activities such as:

  • Discovery Time, Numbers, Science Exploration, Dramatic Play, Storytelling, Reading, Building, Calm Corner,
  • Loose Parts, Art Center, Sensory Bins, Technology 
  • Prayer
  • Physical Education
  • Outdoor Exploration
  • Letter of the week
  • Show & share
  • Field Trips
  • Learning Commons
  • Kimochis
  • Family events

More information such as Calendars and Handbook can be found HERE

Daily Physical Activity 

As per Alberta Education guidelines, students participate in Daily Physical Activity (DPA).  Students go to the gym four times a week where they receive instruction on skill and game development.  DPA on alternate days can either be done in the classroom, outside or in the gym based on availability.  

Students in grade one to four at St. Marguerite school also have the opportunity to participate annually in swimming lessons and skating.  We host school wide activities such as Winter Carnival, Track & Field (grades three and four) Fun Day ( grades one and two).


“Ultimately, the power of technology should be harnessed to support innovation and discovery, not simply to aid teaching. We need to engage learners to use these new technologies as designers and creators of knowledge.” 

- Inspiring Education: A Dialogue with Albertans

Students at St. Marguerite Catholic School have access to a wide variety of technology.  We understand that technology is used as a tool for personalizing learning. Our school has one stand alone computer lab,a portable laptop cart and classroom iPads to support learning activities.  Our Learning Commons also has a range of high and low tech opportunities such as coding through robotics, stop motion and green screen capabilities. Students are taught the responsibilities of Digital Citizenship.  More information for parents can be found HERE

Home School Communication and Social Media

 Open and positive communication between home and school is a key component of the educational development of children who attend St. Marguerite Catholic School. We are all here for the children and together we can build an enriched learning environment for them. 

A weekly e-mail with key reminders for upcoming events will be sent out every Monday. Special announcements will be sent home with the students when necessary. A monthly newsletter highlighting school events will be sent home and put on the school website. Please check the school website at www.stmargcs.ca for regular updates.

Many of our teachers also use an app called SeeSaw. Not only does it allow for quick communication with parents, teachers and students also use it as a digital portfolio to keep parents informed on learning tasks and student progress.  Please contact your child’s teacher for more information on Seesaw.

Parent, student and teacher conferences will be scheduled throughout the year, but we encourage you not to wait for them if you feel you need to meet with your child’s teacher or the administration. Together we will help all students achieve their personal best.

Links to staff email can be found HERE

Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to having a Counsellor in every school.  The counsellors work as an integral part of the Student Services team, which includes the Inclusive Education Coordinator and the school administrators, to implement many important supports for Evergreen students.

St. Marguerite School is proud to have Mrs. Laarz as our school Counsellor.    She can be reached via email at rlaarz@ecsrd.ca



​​Inclusive Education, as defined by Alberta Education in their publication Setting the Direction Framework (June 2009), is "a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance of, and belonging for, all students..."

Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to providing each school site with a part-time Inclusive Education Coordinator.  The mission of this role is to ensure that all students have the supports and accommodations they require in order to successfully achieve to their potential.  Collaborating with parents and teachers, along with outside agencies, students may be supported in a variety of ways.

Mrs. Scotten is our Inclusive Education Coordinator.  She can be reached at  bscotten@ecsrd.ca She will work as an integral part of our Student Services team, which includes our Counselor, Mrs. Laarz, as well as our administrators, to implement many important supports for our students, such as:​

  • Determine programming needs of student.
  • Collaborate with teachers and parents to form Individualized Program Plans (IPP)
  • Refer for services such as Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), Family-School Liaison Workers (FSLW), Mental Health clinic
  • Facilitate implementation and use of Assistive Technology
  • Advocate for students
  • Administer academic assessments
  • Provide resources for teachers and parents


"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way." ~George Evans


For more information on Alberta Education's Inclusive Education go to http://education.alberta.ca/department/ipr/inclusion.aspx


St. Marguerite Catholic School offers a variety of student activities.  We hope that each of our students will find an area of interest to become more involved in our school community.  Some programs require additional funding and students may be required to make a monetary contribution.  However, we always strive to keep student costs at a minimum.  If a family cannot meet the financial needs of paying activity participation fees, special arrangements may be considered by contacting the school administrators.

Some of these activities are with the entire school and others are for specific grades levels.  

School wide:

  • Talent Show 
  • KIdZart

Grades three and four

  • Fun Hockey 
  • Lunch Intramural 
  • Choir
  •  X-Country Running 
  • Running Room Games 

Grade four

  • Ski Club

Evergreen Catholic School Division respectfully acknowledges the vibrant history and culture of Indigenous nations in Canada. We continually seek to learn the traditions and contributions of Indigenous nations of Alberta while committing to moving forward in friendship and collaboration. We also recognize the land, upon which Evergreen Catholic Schools resides, is home for our closest neighbours, the Cree and the Nakoda. This territory, known as Treaty 6, is also home to the Métis Nation and many other Indigenous groups. We honor and acknowledge the unique story of this land and continue to work towards strengthening relations with Indigenous communities.

Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty is the Division Indigenous Education Coach and supports teachers, administrators, and division office staff in their commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation's Calls to Action (2015). Through her guidance and support, Etienna leads in the development of staff by:


  • Obtaining practical strategies and materials for the full integration of Indigenous perspectives into each classroom
  • Offering approaches for teaching Indigenous learners and working with Indigenous families
  • Making connections to Elders, cultural instructors, and other resource people for authentic learning experiences
  • Promoting further understanding of treaties and agreements negotiated with First Nations and the Métis in Canada
  • Providing opportunities to learn about residential schools and their legacy
  • Building on existing awareness of historical, social, economic, and political realities of Indigenous individuals/nations 
  • Participating in whole schools events that foster understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures, languages and histories.
  • Supporting staff in the attainment of school resources
  • Broadening current practice to include pedagogy that is consistent with Indigenous ways of learning and knowing.

Indigenous education lead teachers from each school meet once a month to further their learning and build confidence in a variety of foundational knowledge areas.  

Through capacity building within school communities and enabling all school staff to embark on this journey, the positive effects will be felt in our hearts, minds, spirits’ and happily in our classrooms. Through this commitment, the students of Evergreen Catholic School Division will become the new co-creators of a promising future for all. 


land acknowledgement

Evergreen Catholic School Division provides Catholic Education to all students in the district.   The celebration of our faith is a vital part of our school community and is infused throughout our classrooms.  To learn more about “What to expect in a Catholic school” please visit the FAQ page.  

Catholic schools are a publicly funded, vibrant part of the public education system in Alberta.  Catholic schools provide an environment for their students which encourages not only high academic achievement, but also person and communal spiritual formation. The presence of the Catholic faith is permeated within every element of the school. 

Our mission statement at St. Marguerite school is:

St. Marguerite Catholic School is a community of learners loved by God and called to live  the Gospel. With Jesus as our teacher, we learn to use our gifts to love and serve our world.

We live out our mission through our daily interactions with one another.  Students participate in monthly liturgies, daily prayer and religion classes.  Students co-designed the chapel, a sacred space in our school where we can gather as a faith community to share in the Eucharist, learn and pray.  Our Catholic faith is also permeated in other school wide activities such as Catholic Education Week, Christmas Concert and visits to Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

If you are seeking information on your child receiving the Sacraments or Holy Trinity Catholic Church, please click HERE

and visit the sacraments area of the Holy Trinity website.


We are very fortunate at St. Marguerite Catholic School to have so many parents who contribute their time, talent and expertise to our school community. Parent volunteers play a key role in supporting school-wide initiatives. They are involved in supporting the classroom, the library, school council and all school-wide events.


If you are interested in volunteering you must have a vulnerable sector check in place prior to helping in the school. This needs to be updated each school year.  Please contact the administration for a letter to take to your local RCMP office. Once the record check is returned, volunteers will be required to participate in a volunteer orientation and sign a confidentiality agreement at the office. At this time you will be assigned a volunteer name tag. This ensures that we know who is in the school at all times and allows teachers to know who you are. Contact your child’s teacher for more detailed information about volunteering in the classroom as homeroom teachers do their own volunteer schedule. 


Bus Service

Evergreen Catholic Schools services the communities of Devon, Hinton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Westlock.

Evergreen Catholic Schools contracts the following organizations to provide bus services to and from our schools. If you have any questions regarding the routes, times, map boundaries, please call the appropriate bus service below.

Parkland Transportation provides busing for students in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Devon. For more information or to find out how to register for busing contact:

Student Transportation Department

Phone: 780-963-8452

Email: Transportation@psd70.ab.ca

Please click here to visit the section for parents. In this section you will find all the information from our School Handbook.  
Please click here for staff directory:
Bite to Eat is proud to be providing Hot Lunches to St Marguerite Catholic School again this year. They’ll be a
variety of homemade, delicious menu options twice a week. Meals provided for students will be prepared fresh
daily and with quality ingredients. Hot Lunch days will be on Monday and Thursday. Bite to Eat will have 2
rotating weekly specials as well as 15 standard menu options to choose from. You’ll be able to order online for
the entire year. at stmarguerite.hotlunches.net or bitetoeat.ca. Our code is BITE
Also students can purchase white and chocolate milk during lunchtime for $1.00 a carton. Booklets of 10 milk coupons for $10.00 will be for sale at the office.

Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol - Promoting Safe Communities

The safety of our students is a top priority for us all. Children and youth increasingly face many difficult situations and challenges in their lives. When they lack the ability to resolve these problems, high risk behaviour can sometimes occur. We believe there is a shared community responsibility to respond and support our students. As a school division, and in cooperation with local school divisions, government, RCMP and community partners, we have completed intensive safety training through the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response.

Together, we have also developed a prevention and intervention protocol for responding to situations in which students may be posing a threat to themselves or others. Our goal is to promote safe schools and communities and respond to threats in a proactive manner that provides for a healthy and caring learning environment. We are proud to be able to provide this level of support to our school communities and are most fortunate to have our community partners at our side.

Additional information is available through the Fair Notice warning letter and information brochures provided.

Born in France, Marguerite founded a community of religious women or 'sisters', the Congregation of Notre Dame (C.N.D.). In the 17 th century, she opened the first school in New France in a stable and taught children of European and Indigenous backgrounds. She also educated the 'Filles du Roi' (Daughters of the King), young single women sent from France to marry the French settlers, and was known as 'Mother of the Colony' in Ville-Marie (later Montreal). Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700) was canonized in 1982.