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Parent Information

School Hours : Kindergarten to Grade Four
Morning Bell 8:35 a.m.
Morning Instruction 8:40 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Lunch Recess 12:00 p.m. – 12:40 p.m.
Afternoon Instruction 12:40 p.m. – 3:05 p.m.
Morning recess 10:25 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.
Afternoon recess 2:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.
Supervision begins at 8:15 a.m. In the event
it is necessary, on occasion, for your child to
arrive before this time, please contact the
office to make arrangements.
Parents are encouraged to contact the school if their child/children will be absent or late for school. The school
phone number is 780-962–8787. If it is before 8:30 a.m. there will be an answering machine for you to leave a
message. Please include the name of your child, the reason for their absence and their teacher. Information
provided on the St. Marguerite Catholic School Registration Form is used in tracking a child who is absent from
school in the event we are not contacted. It is extremely important for the safety of your child that the school is
notified of any change in telephone numbers or email addresses at home or at work. It is also important that
we have an emergency contact number in case we cannot contact a parent or guardian.
St. Marguerite School will provide an atmosphere for both students and staff, which respects the rights and
freedoms of all individuals to grow, learn and work. The administration, in consultation with our staff, have
developed our sense of community and build it around three simple positive tenets that children can
understand and be given concrete reinforcement for: Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect Property.
Any behaviours or conduct, which do not comply with these three simple tenets, will be considered
Administration approaches each student conduct issue referred to them as “a problem to be solved.” Students
may need to work through a process to identify alternatives to their behaviours. Follow-up and monitoring to
support better choices is an important part of this approach. Our administration is committed to communicating
this process to parents. We document incidents, track problem areas and relationships. We work closely with
our school counsellor with follow-up, should repeat behaviours warrant further intervention.
Students are required to have parental permission before being able to
access the Internet and must sign an agreement indicating that they will
use the Internet appropriately. These agreements must be updated yearly
for every student. Student use of the Internet is supervised at all times.
In the best interests of students, we ask you to please respect the following procedures:
● Once the bell goes to begin class, teachers are no longer available to hold conversation with
parents at the classroom door.
● Please do not enter or allow toddlers to enter the class if you are waiting in the school to meet
your child.
● Under no circumstances may a volunteer or parent in the school discipline or reprimand other
parents’ children. If you witness something you believe needs adult intervention, please report it
immediately to the nearest staff member or the office.
● All visitors are expected to check in at the office during school hours.
We believe that effective problem solving occurs when those most directly affected by a problem situation are
involved in its resolution. Consequently, we request that the following protocol be followed in addressing
parental concerns:
● Discuss the situation with the teacher or staff member.
● If a situation cannot be resolved at that level, discuss your concern with the administrative team
– principal and/or assistant principal.
● Concerns that are of a general school nature should be discussed with the administration of the
Student safety and traffic movement efficiency are the principles that guide our parking and drop off
procedures. If you are dropping off or picking up your child, please obey all school parking lot signs and bus
lane signs. All parent/visitor parking for both St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and St. Marguerite Catholic
School will be in front (north) of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.
There are “drop-off” and “pick-up” zones on the west side of St. Marguerite
Catholic School. These zones are intended for parents to stay in the vehicle and
they are not to be a parking spot. If you intend to leave your vehicle you will need
to park in other designated parking areas. Please refer to the traffic flow map on
the school website. We ask that all visitors and parents use the marked
crosswalks to and from the school. We appreciate your cooperation to ensure
student safety and traffic movement efficiency.
The staff at St. Marguerite Catholic School pays close attention to weather conditions. We
do not send our children outside if conditions are not appropriate for an enjoyable recess
Cancellation of Recess and Indoor Mornings: Recess is important to children in that it
provides a break from regular school routine, a chance to get some fresh air, and an
opportunity to run off excess energy. An indoor, supervised recess break will occur when
the temperature, combined with wind chill is below -20℃. When students arrive for school
and the weather is below -20℃, we will have an “Indoor Day” sign on the front sidewalk
telling students to go directly in their entrance.
In the event of extreme weather conditions, announcements of bus cancellations will be made on various radio
stations and on the ECSRD website as well as Parkland School Division When weather or road conditions deteriorate during the school day, a decision
mandating the early dismissal of bus students may be made (by the department of transportation and the
Superintendent of Evergreen C.S.R.D. #2) and broadcast on all the designated radio stations. Please ensure
an alternate contact for your child is listed in our office record system. If busses leave early, we will need to get
in touch with you or an alternate to ensure that your child will have someone waiting for them when they get off
the bus. Your child’s safety is our first concern.
Health and Safety of Students
First aid is administered to any child experiencing an injury at school. If the injury is a minor scratch or bump,
first aid is administered and no school contact is made with the home. If the injury or illness is more than a
minor one, the student’s parents are notified by phone. It is therefore extremely important that you provide the
school office with current home and emergency telephone numbers.
The administration of medication is the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian. In special
circumstances when a student must take medication during school hours, school staff will assist. Given the
young age of the students at St. Marguerite School, it is not a safe practice for students to administer
medication to themselves. The following guidelines and procedures are required.
● A signed request from the parent indicating the type of medication to be administered, required dosage
and action to be taken in the event of possible hazards or side effects should be given to the office
● A request form is available on our website, AUTHORIZATION FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF
● Discuss the medication and administration with your child’s teacher.
● A medication file on your child will be kept in the office.
Normally children who are too ill to go outside for recess are encouraged to remain at home. This is particularly
true in the case of severe colds or flu. Children who come to school with severe colds or high fevers are unable
to function well in class and often provide a source of infection for other children.

St. Marguerite is an allergy safe or allergy aware environment rather than an allergy
“free” environment. The management of students at risk of life-threatening allergies is a
shared responsibility among the student, parents, and school staff. We recognize the
dangers faced by students and staff with severe reactions to certain allergens. We can
not guarantee an allergen-free environment, but will take reasonable steps to ensure a
safe environment for students with life-threatening allergies, further to the goal of
maintaining an appropriate learning environment for all students
Should an emergency situation occur which leads to the evacuation of the school building, the students and
staff will relocate to our designated evacuation site. Calls to the school will automatically be forwarded to the
Evergreen C.S.R.D. #2 board office, where parents will be informed of the emergency situation. St. Marguerite
Catholic School does have emergency and crisis plans and staff will put these plans into effect should an
emergency situation occur. We regularly practice fire drill procedures – a good reason why students should
always be wearing shoes.
Reporting Process
The reporting process is recognition of learning with an emphasis on celebrating the child’s growth. Parents
are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher whenever they have concerns with respect to learning,
behaviour and programs. The reporting process is ongoing between home and school throughout the year.
The timeline for the formal reporting is:
October: An interim report indicating learner skills and goals is sent home, and a
Student-Parent-Teacher Conference takes place.
November: A written report card is sent home with each child.
February: Celebration of Learning takes place.
March: A written report card is sent home with each child.
June: A final report card containing a placement recommendation is issued on the last day of classes.
Basic school supplies are available for purchase from a second party vendor. Parents may pay for supplies directly to this vendor. This payment provides supplies for your child for the school year and are dropped off at the school for the first day of the new school year.
Families who wish to purchase supplies from sources other than the school will be provided with a “supplies
list” when registering. Students should have a backpack or book bag and indoor shoes preferably with
non-scuffing soles. Look for School Supply ordering information and lists on our website home page in JUNE! 
Please label all of your child’s belongings (shoes, mitts, coats, backpacks, etc.)
with a permanent marker. We have two lost and found boxes for clothing, footwear and outerwear. Small
miscellaneous items that are found are kept in the office. Unclaimed items are donated to charities.
It is recommended that children not bring “precious, irreplaceable treasures” to school. Although children are
filled with good intentions, items do go missing from time to time. We do our best to help children locate
missing items, but some items cannot be found. We ask that children not bring toys, trading cards, ipods,
phones, etc. to school. The school cannot be held responsible should any items be lost, damaged, or stolen.
Field trips are an integral part of the educational programs at St. Marguerite Catholic School. They provide
children with unique experiences within the context of the curriculum being taught. Together, children discover
new insights into a learning situation with their classmates. Notes will be sent home with a permission slip
prior to the trip. Your child’s teacher must have a signed permission form for your child to attend a field trip. It
is the expectation of school administration that all students use school provided transportation both to and from
all field trips that are during the school day. Parents/guardians who wish their child to travel to or from an
off-site school-sponsored activity by means other than school-provided transportation are required to complete
the Student Declining Transportation to a School Event Form. This form can be found on our school website.
The form must be completed and approved by school admin prior to the start of the field trip.
Many students choose to ride their bicycles to school when we have fair weather in fall
and spring. All bicycles must be locked individually in the bicycle racks located on our
school grounds. Please ensure that a safe and durable lock is used.
For the safety of all the students, bicycles, roller blades, scooters, and skateboards
must not be ridden on school grounds. Students are to dismount and walk their bikes to
the bike racks. Bicycle racks are an off limit area during the school day. Students
access them only for the purpose of riding to and from school. Roller blades are to be
taken off, carried into the school, and stored in a locker. Skateboards should be carried
once students arrive on school grounds and stored in a locker during the day.
All students riding bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards should wear an appropriate helmet.
The purpose of the School Council is to promote the exchange of ideas and involvement of parents and school
staff in matters relating to school programs. The School Council provides a vehicle for parent and staff
communication and an opportunity for positive support of the educational vision of St. Marguerite Catholic
School. Look for further information on the council in newsletters regarding dates of School Council meetings.
The Emile Mercier Good Shepherd Award is voted on by the classmates who choose one student, who, in their
opinion, best exemplifies the spirit of Christian sharing and caring. The purpose is not to say that only one
student deserves the award, but rather that the class chose a particular representative to receive the award on
their behalf to reflect the Christian attitude present in all of them. This award is presented at the year-end
Bite to Eat is proud to be providing Hot Lunches to St Marguerite Catholic School again this year. They’ll be a
variety of homemade, delicious menu options twice a week. Meals provided for students will be prepared fresh
daily and with quality ingredients. Hot Lunch days will be on Monday and Thursday. Bite to Eat will have 2
rotating weekly specials as well as 15 standard menu options to choose from. You’ll be able to order online for
the entire year. at or Our Code is BITE  Also students can purchase white and
chocolate milk during lunchtime for $1.00 in the kitchen by the learning commons. 
Lockers are assigned to students. Because some students share lockers and
because of the age of the children at St. Marguerite Catholic School, locks are not
permitted. Lockers are cleaned out periodically by our custodial staff to ensure a
safe and healthy environment, but students and parents are encouraged to check
the lockers often, particularly for leftover food
Our staff provides playground supervision for twenty minutes before school and during the morning, afternoon
and lunch recesses.
Students eat lunch with adult supervision. Staff members provide supervision for students boarding buses
after school. Playground supervision is not provided after school. Students are asked not to use the playground
after school unless their parent is present to supervise them.